Hubbie's Latest Reads

There seems to be a lot of mountain-climbing books piled up by my husband's chair. The latest, The Climb of My Life is the story of thirty-year-old climber, Kelly Perkins, who conquered the Matterhorn, Mt. Fuji, and Kilimanjaro, after surviving a heart transplant. This is one of those inspirational "triumph-over-adversity" testimonials that can't help but touch your heart.

Next, he jumped into a climbing spoof called Into Hot Air: Mounting Mount Everest by Chris Elliot, which despite its billing as "a hilarious parody of epic literary adventures", has taken top spot as the worst book he's ever read. Unfortunately it was an impulse buy so he can't even take it back to the library.

Currently on tap is View From The Summit by Sir Edmund Hillary, who acknowledges looking for evidence that George Mallory had made it to the top when he reached the summit in 1953. I had always assumed that Hillary was English but, in fact, he's from New Zealand. Twenty years ago I had the privilege of standing beside him as we waited for an elevator in Toronto. He generously lent his name to many fundraising events and was a compelling speaker. I imagine that he still exudes a certain weatherbeaten energy. And that's all I can throw in here that's even remotely connected to climbing, having been born with a fear of heights.