At A Loss for Words

Not me, of course. That's the title of a book. By Canadian writer, Diane Schoemperlen. I love tiny little books with white covers. It'd been strategically placed at eye level at Indigo just to reel me in. And as I plucked it off the shelf I was sure I had read something by this author before, but the titles of her other books, which were listed at the front, didn't sound familiar. So I did what I always do in Indigo, unless I'm travelling, and I wrote down the name and author in my address book and slipped the book carefully back on the shelf. This doesn't mean that I'm not going to buy the book. I just happen to know that almost everything at Indigo is cheaper from their on-line bookstore. And I mean CHEAPER! A new release can be $10.00 to $15.00 cheaper. But, even before I resorted to on-line ordering, I checked our library's database to see if we had it. And sure enough, we did. In the same library I work in. I brought the lovely little book home and was only three pages in when I realized that it had been the book of Diane Schoemperlen's that I had read, and loved. Having had several relationships like the one she describes, I had no trouble relating to the story. What I found so astounding is that she tips you off as to why it turned out the way it did and what was happening with the other party. I should have read this, along with He's Just Not That Into You, when I was twelve. Little books like this are punchy. They have so few words, they have to be. Consider other punchy little books like The Reader or A Three Dog Life. They fit in handbags and make great stocking stuffers and book clubs love them because members will actually read them. In fact, while they're trying to decide whether it will be worth their while to continue reading, they've read half the book! Before Indigo revokes my membership card, I would just like to add that although the above procedure for getting a book sounds like a lot of work, it happens because I generally don't buy books I haven't read. After all, I'm establishing a collection at my house and if I don't keep things under control, I'm going to have to saw the legs off the coffee table and prop it up with books!